Part / Non-Qualified Accountant Test

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Part / Non-Qualified Accountant Test

The Part Qualified/Qualified by Experience Accountant Test is designed for those working as accountants, but who are not Chartered Accountants. This would include those with tertiary qualifications in accounting, provisional members of CA professional bodies or those with no formal qualifications but whose work experience and job categorises them as accountants.

This test assesses accounting knowledge and skills for roles in Public Practice Chartered Accounting firms (for positions where being a Chartered Accountant is not required) and generalist roles in industry or commerce such as Company Accountant, where the role requires knowledge across all areas of accounting (including taxation).  If the role is in commerce, and is mostly internal focussed the Management Accounting Test may be more appropriate.

Country-specific tests are available for United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand. 

This test covers four core accounting activities:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Double Entry Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Management / Business Advisory

As a recruiting manager, you gain insight into candidate's skills and knowledge in each of these four activities, as well as a comparative overall score and performance against a norm group of other part qualified and qualified by experience accountants. You can also identify a candidate's performance in the activities most relevant to your vacant role.

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Sample Report



"We have recently started using Accountest assessments along with other profiling products to support our recruitment process. We have found that Accountests gives us the opportunity to understand our candidates accounting ability, which no other product has done until now. It also gives us the opportunity to base further questions for the candidate around what we can see their ability is and enable us to make an informed decision."

Sharlene Bryant, Director, Staples Rodway, NZ 


"Just some positive feedback, the Manager we got to sit the test achieved 69% - and they interviewed well so we will be making her an offer. We also used your ‘part qualified’ test for one of the intermediate/seniors we were looking at. This person interviewed very well, but we have been caught out by this in the past – so we thought the test was a good idea, they only achieved 14% - as a result of this, we have decided not to go ahead with an offer. As I mentioned in the past we have made offers but have consequently found the candidate to fall well short of what was expected technically. So this was $200 well spent."

Sudhir Lala, Director, the business advisory group, Auckland, NZ