About Us & Meet the Team!

Accountests was launched in 2013 to address frequently heard requests from employers of accountants and bookkeepers for a reliable method of assessing the technical competency of candidates for accounting and bookkeeping roles. These employers experienced the frustration and cost of hiring staff whose actual accounting ability fell significantly short of the abilities claimed on CV's and Resume's and at interview; shortfalls that went undetected in existing selection processes. Adding Accountests to your existing selection process is as easy as it is effective


Our accountancy and bookkeeping tests reports provide you with easily interpreted results to make timely and informed recruitment decisions.

Each test is designed and validated in consultation with partner and senior manager level accountants in public practice, large corporate and medium enterprise businesses, accounting and bookkeeping professional bodies, the public sector and government departments to ensure they meet the needs of all recruiters of accountants.

What are our Mission and Values?


Testing & Assessment Publisher Partners

 Accountests products can be purchased directly from this website, or via two Testing & Assessment publishers. 

If you are building multi-assessment selection processes and want to add accounting tests to psychometric assessments of personality and ability, or add in software and admin testing, then Selector and Test-Grid can provide you with a singular platform from which to distribute, administer and generate combined reports.





UK Customer Support Team

We have a dedicated customer support UK & EU team located in England's smallest city of Wells. Go to our Contact Us page to talk to them.